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History of the mine

The Rosh Pinah ore deposit was discovered in 1963. Production started in May 1969 and has been nearly continuous ever since. As the company is embarking on the RP 2.0 expansion programme, lets's take a closer look at the mine's history.



Origins (1924)

Moses Eli Kahan came to Rosh Pinah in 1924. This legendary prospector toiled for 40 years in Namibia in his search for minerals.

In 1963 a geologist Dr Michael Mc Millan discovered zinc and lead mineralization that led to the establishment of Rosh Pinah. Rosh Pinah is hebrew and translates as "Cornerstone".


Moly-Copper, Imex, Iscor

In 1981 Moly-Copper, Imex and Iscor entered in an agreement whereby Imex transferred it’s shareholdings in Imcor Zinc and its loan account with that company, to ISCOR. Their obligation was to put the mine into production and to maintain production.


The 1993 crisis

The international market price of zinc fell substantially and the mine was making a loss, forcing it into liquidation. The mine was subsequently bought by Iscor, while mining rights were ceded to PE Minerals.

After a long negotiation, in December 1998, Rosh Pinah Zinc Corporation was formed.


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