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Rosh Pinah Zinc rebrands

Rosh Pinah Zinc recognizes the profound impact its activities can have on the lives of those in our employ and the communities we touch.

That’s why we initiated an extensive third-party survey that sought to capture the thoughts, concerns, and aspirations of our workforce and the local residents.

Through anonymous employee surveys and open forums with community members, we proactively sought input on their experiences, expectations, and perceptions regarding safety, well-being, and our overall corporate responsibility. The response was tremendous.

This process not only allowed us to understand the unique challenges and opportunities present but also served as the cornerstone for the development of our corporate values.

We then asked ourselves, "What positive impact do we want to have on the world?" This led to the establishment of the company's purpose “Sustainable beyond Mining”.

Next, the company envisioned its future. We asked ourselves, "What do we aspire to become in the next 2 to 5 years?”. This led us to our vision “to become the most innovative, sustainable and safe underground mining operation in Namibia.”

With purpose and vision in mind, the company then defined its mission. This is like a roadmap – it outlines the specific actions and steps the company will take to move towards its vision while staying true to its purpose. By responsibly extracting minerals in the most innovative and safe way, through partnering with our stakeholders, we plan to create our vision.

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